simien mountains trek- 6 days


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This 6 day trek initially follows the main route from sankaber to Chenek that most shorter treks take. This section follows a dramatic highland ridge and offers some of the best views in the region. After reaching Chenek it is a tough 2 day trek to the summit of Ras Dashen (Ethiopia’s highest mountain at(4550m). Very few visitors to the park then continue onto the lowlands, but this final section of the trail is a real treat, very much off the beaten path with some wonderful swimming spots and fantastic birfdlife.
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Day 1

Gondar to Sankaber

You will depart early morning from Gondar to Debark. In debark you will arrange your visit with the park office and receive a scout and guide then drive into the park to arrive at Sankaber. You can either drive all the way in to Sankaber or have the car drop you off near Buyit Ras for a short hike. If you choose to hike in you will take in beautiful views of the landscape and the endless mountain ridges, and you likely see some gelada baboons. When you arrive in Sankaber you will be met with your supplies. Sankaber will be the first campsite on your trip.
Day 2

Sankaber to Geech Camp

From Sankaber you will begin hiking following the ridge and look out over the foothills 800m down. From the ridge you will descend down into the valley and be able to view the Jinbar River plunging into the Geech Abyss. After some time at the waterfall you will continue on to Geech village where you will find your second campsite.

Day 3

Geech to Chennek

After breakfast you will start off on a 7-8 hour hike of the best views you will see in the Simien Mountains. In route you will pass through Imet Gogo. Here you will have reached an altitude of 3,926m and be able to look out at the amazing landscape from 360 degrees. At this height and view point you can see the canyon below, distant ridges, and view the seemingly never ending valleys. After Imet Gogo you will hike to the view point at Innateye valley at an altitude of 4,070m. Lunch will be here and then you will descend to Chennek (3,600m) for your third campsite.

Day 4

Chenneck to Ambiko

After breakfast you will hike for 2 hours and summit the Buwahit pass (4,200m). From here you can look out towards your hike for tomorrow, Ras Dashen. You will follow the path down towards Meseha valley and cross a river and back up again towards Ambiko where you will camp for the night.

Day 5

Ambiko to Ras Dashen to Ambiko

The big trek to the peak of Ras Dashen will begin with an early morning walk through the main valley before sunrise. Then you will start ascending the mountain with a steep climb amidst the Giant Lobelia plants. The last part of the hike will likely be very challenging, but very rewarding when you are able to reach the highest point in Ethiopia. At 4,543m you will have amazing views of the immense landscape. After approximately 8-9 hours of hiking for the day you will arrive at Ambiko campsite for the night.

Day 6

Ambiko (3200 m) - Chennek (3600 m)Walking 7 hours and Drive to Gondar

Another long day that takes you back from Ambiko down tothe Meseha River at 2,750m, before ascending again to thesmall village of Chiroloba , where we will have lancuh thenwe start clamping up the buwahit pass (4430) and then walkan hour walk down to Chennek camp where a vehicle will meet you to bring you back to Gondar.

Overview Gondar or fly back to Addis


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