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Ethiopia is one of the world’s hotspots of endemism; meaning that a high percentage of wildlife that is found in the country is only found in this country. This is because of its highland terrain and rugged landscape isolating the animals from other parts of Africa; this tour focuses on the rare and endemic mammals of Ethiopia. So just specialist guides and visit some of the seldom visited and incredible wildlife destinations off the beaten track.

About The Tour

We are specialists in tailoring wildlife watching all over Ethiopia and we have a great range of specific mammal watching trips. These specialist mammal watching tours focus on rare and endemic species of mammals, as well as other wildlife in the area. There are not the huge numbers of large mammals to be found here as in other parts of Africa, but the species that do live here are cleverly adapted to their unique surroundings and very special indeed. The highlights of this tour will undoubtedly be the wonderful long-haired Gelada Baboons with their red ‘hearts’, the beautifully coloured Ethiopian Wolf and the strange but endearing Giant Mole Rat! All of these and several other mammals found nowhere else but Ethiopia, will be viewed on this tour, along with general natural history, cultural and birdwatching attractions.


The best time to visit the Ethiopian Highlands for mammals is the Northern Hemisphere winter (November – March).
This is the dry season and the temperatures are around 25C on averages with highs of around 30C. There is very little rain during this period and many hours of sunlight every day.


This tour visit various locations in Ethiopia, we focus mostly in the highlands and the large high altitude grasslands of Awash National Park and the Bale & Simien Mountains.

Fitness Level

The vast majority of wildlife watching is all done from a vehicle or whilst hiking around the grasslands. These are relatively and last around 1-2 hours with regular breaks in between.


When you book onto the tour we will send you a comprehensive pre-departure pack which will include a full packing list of recommended equipment; the equipment list will vary from tour to tour and from location to location so it is best to contact us or wait until you receive the pre-departure pack after booking.
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Tour Itinerary

Day 1

 On arrival in Addis Ababa (we recommend an early morning arrival) you will meet your guide and then we will leave straight away and head to a Geleda baboon colony at Debre Libanos Gorge. We will spend the majority of the day with these baboons. – overnight in Ethio- German lodge. (Lunch and Dinner)
Day 2

Today you will have a morning with the gelada baboon colonies around the Debre Libanos gorge. Watching their different behaviours and gaining a brand new insight into the world of this highly social, high altitude grazing baboon species. You will then head back to Addis Ababa in the afternoon – overnight in Ghion Hotel – or similar (Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner)
Day 3

This morning you will transfer from the city to Awash National Park and on arrival we will have a late afternoon safari around the park. This national park is good for some endemic species such as Hamadryas baboon, grivet monkey, beisa oryx, Soemmering’s gazelle, Harar dik-dik as well as other mammals such as African wild cat, northern lesser kudu, black-backed jackal. After dinner we can enjoy a night safari to try and find some of the nocturnal speices that live around here. – overnight Awash Falls Lodge – or similar (Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner
Day 4-5

 For the next two full days, you will have safari game drives around the national park and then spotlighting in the evening – overnight in Awash Falls Lodge – or similar (Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner)
Day 6

This morning you will have an early morning transfer to Lake Langano. On arrival here you will spend time around the lake and enjoy a game drive around Ali Dege plains en route to the Lake. Ali Dege plains is a rich wildlife watching location with lion, cheetah, Somali wild ass (very rarely seen), Beisa oryx, Soemmerring’s gazelle, spotted hyena, Northern gerenuk and Grevy’s zebra all living here – overnight Wabe Shabelle (Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner)
Day 7

This morning you will travel on and towards the Bale Mountains and Dinsho Grasslands, this is arguably the best ecosystem in Africa for endemic species and we will start by driving through Abiata-Shalla National Park before carrying on to Gobe which is a gateway town for the Bale Mountains. Along the way we will look for wildlife in the Gaysay Grasslands. In the grasslands we hope to see mountain nyala and bohor reedbuck among other species – overnight in Wabe Shabelle (Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner)
Day 8-9

Over the next two days you will explore the two varying ecosystems of the Bale Mountains. The Harrena Forest (home to the endemic Bale monkey, lions, leopards, giant forest hog, bushpig, Guerza colobus and the newly described African golden wolf (not the Ethiopian wolf); Sanetti Plateau (where the Ethiopian wolf is the highlight and major target here although klipspringers, giant mole rats and various other endemic rodents are commonly seen) – overnight in Wabe Shabelle (Breakfast, Lunches & Dinner)
Day 10

This morning you will leaving the Bale Mountains and be transferred from Gobe to Senkelle Sanctuary with a short game drive around the sanctuary which is very good for Oribi and hartebeest as well as desert warthog and Abyssinian hare. From here will continue onto lake Awassa and our accommodation – overnight in La Dolce Vita (Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner)
Day 11

This morning we will have a short stakeout for hippos (which can been seen in the morning around the lake) and the Gambian suns squirrel at Lake Awassa before continuing to Lake Ziway and hopefully finding the yellow-spotted rock hyrax and then carrying on to Addis Ababa for the night – overnight in Ghion Hotel. (Breakfast and Lunch only).
Day 12

This morning we will catch a flight from Addis Ababa to Gondar and then be transported to the Simien Mountains and spend the day wildlife watching, looking particularly for the gelada baboon and Walia ibex as well as other mammals here such as rodents and possibly Ethiopian wolves, although they are seen here far less than in the Bale Mountains. – overnight in Chenek Camp. (Breakfast and Dinner)
Day 13

Today will be a full day in the Simien Mountains spent searching for wildlife – overnight in Chenek Camp. (Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner)
Day 14

Today you will be transferred back out of the wilderness to Gondar and then fly onto Addis Ababa and then onto your hotel for your farewell evening in Ethiopia. – overnight in Ghion Hotel.
Day 15

Today you will be transferred from the hotel to the airport to catch your return flight home. (Breakfast only)


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